Carbon cycles of the Anthropocene oceans

Research group based at CEREGE, Aix-en-Provence, France

Merel Lanjouw

MSc student / Utrecht Uni.

Hello reader,
My name is Merel Lanjouw, I’m currently 28 years old and working on a PhD on aquaculture at the University of Wageningen (NL). I have worked with Olivier during my masters, where he was my supervisor for a really cool project on ocean afforestation. I researched the effect on the sunken organic material on the deep sea sediment biogeochemistry using the model RADI that Olivier developed. I always had fun working with Olivier and I gained a lot of experience in modeling and doing research.
I am very interested in the marine system and everything related to climate change, from a physical and biological to a social and political perspective. I am excited to start my academic career and very grateful for Olivier who has encouraged me to do so!

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