Carbon cycles of the Anthropocene oceans

Research group based at CEREGE, Aix-en-Provence, France

Ben Cala

PhD student / NIOZ

Supervisors: Mariette Wolthers,  Matthew Humphreys & Olivier Sulpis

I am a PhD student at NIOZ (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research) on Texel and Utrecht University. Originally, I studied Chemistry in Tübingen, Germany, worked on Organometallic Catalysis in Singapore and then did a Research Master in Atmospheric Chemistry at the University of Cambridge, UK. So really, it is almost an accident that I ended up doing Oceanography but I am very passionate about it now. My project is focused on marine carbonate mineral dissolution. I am using a wide range of different methods to help us understand the drivers of dissolution better: on one hand, I am leaving actual pieces of carbonate minerals in the ocean for a year on a mooring to study their dissolution, on the other hand I use machine learning and other types of modelling to make more sense of the data we already have. I am most interested in comparing and combining knowledge we have from experiments in the field and the laboratory with global model results and understanding why they are often so different. Outside of work, I like all the cozy and wholesome things: reading, buying and drinking tea, doing various art projects, and looking at clouds.

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